Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My Favorite Food: Diane's Taco Salad

Asking me what my favorite food is really isn't a fair question. I love food - all kinds of food - and my tastes change from meal to meal. I especially like seafood, Caribbean food, Central and South American food (and all its relatives like Tex-Mex and Southwestern US), Mediterranean food (in which I include Greek, Italian, and Middle Eastern), and Asian food (especially Thai and VietNamese). I'm fortunate to live in the Twin Cities with its rich diversity of ethnic communities and all the variety in restaurants and grocery stores that entails.

And oh yeah, I also dig the typical US stuff like pizza, steaks, and bratwurst. And don't get me started on desserts. (Stupid French with their awesome pastries. That's how I ruined myself.)

But if I have to pick a favorite meal, it's got to be my wife's taco salad. It's not hard to make - so she tells me - but it's awesome. The ingredients are similar to what you see at the top of this post. I ganked that photo from For the Mommas though, so it's not exactly what Diane uses. She's all about the kidney beans instead of pinto beans (yes, there's a difference), for instance, and she doesn't cook them with the meat. They just get added cold to the salad by themselves. The Doritos and Catalina dressing are crucial ingredients though. It's fantastic.


Ken O said...

Sometimes the most complex foods are easier to put together then they look. My family raves about my lasagna. I'm rather embarassed by how easy it is to make. Yet my parents, aunts, uncles, etc all talk it up.

Michael May said...

Yeah, you gotta keep that stuff a secret. Make it sound really hard. :D

My chili recipe is the same way. Takes a while to cook, but it's crazy easy to put together.


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