Friday, June 04, 2010

Elsewhere on the Internets: Foamy!

Here's what else I've been up to online lately: 

Friend of Aquaman

Rob from the Aquaman Shrine was kind enough to link to my most recent Grading Aquaman post, but he also did me one better than that. He made me a member of FOAM (Friends of Aquaman). Thanks, Rob!

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs: The Killer

In which I favorably compare Matz and Luc Jacamon's assassin comic to James Bond.

Old Sinner: Merry Christmas, Uncle (1970)

Looking at Albert Finney's Scrooge and how his nephew's kind of a jerk.

What Are You Reading?: The Anchor

A quick review of Phil Hester's Viking demon-slayer comic.

Undeserved Rejoicing

I shouldn't be pointing this out because it's almost assuredly a glitch, but for the last few days Robot 6 has been the top-ranked comics blog on Technorati. Not that Robot 6 doesn't deserve to be near the top (and I say that as someone who does exactly none of the heavy lifting over there), but it's telling that some blogs that should be near the top of the list (like MTV's Splash Page, for example) aren't. Still, it's been fun to look at.
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