Friday, October 15, 2010

Art Show: Shadow Lass and Friends

As the Green Star Rises

By Roy G Krenkel. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

The Legion of Super Heroes

By Neal Adams and Dick Giordano. [F* Yeah Legion]

Shadow Lass

Artist Unknown [F* Yeah Legion]


Artist Unknown. I'd know this stuff if I hadn't lost interest in Legion around the time DC realized they didn't know what to do with the concept. Still, Shadow Lass is awesome. [F* Yeah Legion]

Not a chance

Artist Unknown. [F* Yeah Legion]

Trick or Beep!

By Katie Cook.


Colin Smith said...

Hello Mr M:- I'm pretty sure that first Shadow Lass is by Gary Frank. My unreliable memory tells me it's from his and Geoff Johns Superman and The Legion collection from a year or two ago, the only comic book/s I've read in about 25 years that recaptured for me the pleasures of reading the Legion.

Ken O said...

Read someone from one of the con panels that XS is still alive and well in Legion after all the Crisis shake ups. We just haven't gotten around to seeing her. That made me happy.

Ashish D. Joshi said...

The artist for the Legion- Shadow Lass is GARY FRANK.


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