Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Productive Member of Society and all that

I'm sorry I didn't get a Land of the Lost post up yesterday. I'm sure I mentioned at some point that I was laid off last Spring. In the interest of keeping things fun around here, I haven't talked about that whole experience (and I'm not starting now), but I'm very pleased to report that it's come to an end. The reason I didn't post yesterday was that I spent the afternoon filling out paperwork to begin a new job that I'm pretty excited about.

Land of the Lost will return next week.


Ken O said...

Good luck to you at the new job sir. To keep it light, my wife and I certainly know what that is like, and I'm glad to see things looking up for you.

Michael May said...

Thanks, Ken. Too many people do know what that's like. Too many friends of mine.


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