Saturday, October 02, 2010

Quotes of the Week: Donation Jar

Every successful webcomic has the equivalent of a donation jar. Everything from the literal "donate" button to Penny Arcade's elaborate web-based nerd empire. They are all saying the same thing: "I have busted my ass to create this thing. If you like this thing and would like more of it, please think about making a donation." Internet artists are like subway performers. They toss out a hat and play their asses off.
--Scott Wegener

...the gentlemen at FPI blog present a barfaroo-looking superhero comics cover and would like to know if DC remembers what it's like to publish comics for kids -- or comics that you could at least sell kids without an 80 percent chance you're going to see a parent in front of your register 24 hours later giving you the stinkeye.
--Tom Spurgeon

...we can't easily say, "As a Christian, I love everyone." Because, really? You do? You love everyone? Are we talking about a John 3.16 love - the benevolent wish - or a 1 Corinthians 13 love? Is this a cheap or costly love we are talking about?

See, the fact that Christians are so quick to say, "I love everyone" means that something is very, very wrong with how Christians are thinking about love. Because love isn't a wish. Love is how you treat people. Love is costly. In John 3.16 love cost God his life on earth. And if you want to identify with that love, great. Just know that the price tag hasn't changed.
--Richard Beck

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Ken O said...

I wish there were street pipers around here. That would be awesome.


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