Sunday, October 17, 2010

Elsewhere... More Horror Comics

Still focused on the Halloween stuff even outside of this blog...

Custom Jump 2: American Edition

Last weekend's Five for Friday assignment was to Name Five Existing (Completed Or Ongoing) American Comics Serials (Or Books That Could Be Made Into Serials) That You Would Put In A Japanese-Style, Big Ol' Phonebook-Sized Anthology Of American Comics, Made Just For You.

Unfortunately, I'd completely forgotten about the "American" part of the description by the time I got to my fifth item, but Spurgeon was nice enough not to disqualify me.

1. Bone
2. Pogo
3. Boneyard
4. Casper
5. Buddha

What Are You Reading?

Quick reviews of Charles Burns' Black Hole and the first couple of volumes of Richard Moore's Boneyard.

Food or Comics

This week's Comics on a Budget picks included Knight & Squire, Tiny Titans/Little ArchieStrange Tales 2, Warlord of MarsTurok: Son of Stone, Campfire’s adaptation of The Invisible Man, Bloom County Complete Library, Volume 3, and Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein.

Big Book of Horror

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs was a review of Steve Niles' adaptations of Frankenstein, War of the Worlds, and Dracula for kids.

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