Sunday, October 10, 2010

Elsewhere... Halloween Stuff!

It was a horror-filled week for my other online writing...

What Are You Reading?

Brief reviews of Living with Zombies and Alan Moore's The Courtyard.

 Custom Jumps

Last week's Five for Friday wasn't exactly horror-related, but I did include a couple of horror titles in my list. The assignment was to Name Five Manga Serials -- Or Works That Could Be Serialized -- That Would Be In The Japanese-Style Anthology Created Just For You. Mine were:

* Lone Wolf and Cub
* Buddha
* Anne Freaks
* Priest
* Samurai 7

Food or Comics?

This week's comics on a budget shopping list included Frankie Stein, Fish N' Chips, Perhapanauts, and The Anchor.

Attack of the Mini-Comics!

The most recent Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs column covered four, horror-related mini-comics.

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