Thursday, October 21, 2010

31 Things I Love About Halloween: Hot Apple Cider

I know I already covered apple treats in general earlier, but hot apple cider holds a special appeal for me at Halloween. It goes back to one of the first Halloweens Diane and I spent together as a couple. We were at my place, watching some old Universal monster movie on TV and passing out treats to Trick or Treaters. I'd give candy to the kids and Diane would serve a cup of hot apple cider in a disposable cup to the grown-ups. It was a big hit and a lot of fun.

Nowadays, Diane takes David Trick or Treating while I stay home with the monster movie and the candy basket. The stove is too far away from the front door to make serving hot cider practical for one person, but it's still not Halloween until we've had a cup for ourselves. Spider Cider, Diane calls it.


Ken O said...

Picked up cider for the wife and I the other night. Have already had a couple cups.

I miss not being able to go to the apple orchards up in Michigan. Fresh hot cider and donuts.

Michael May said...

Mmmm. I forgot about the apple donuts. We're going to the orchard on Saturday, so I'll have one in your honor.


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