Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Land of the Lost: Season Three (Episode Six: Cornered)

Season One: Part One, Two, and Three.
Season Two: Part One and Two.
Season Three: Part One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.

Episode 6: “Cornered”

A fire-breathing dimetrodon terrorizes the Lost City, including the Sleestaks and Big Alice the allosaurus. Jack and Will worry that he’ll drive the City’s residents into the rest of the Valley where they would presumably cause a lot of trouble. So, the Marshalls decide that they need to get rid of the big bully.

Meanwhile, the Sleestaks – guided by the Library of Skulls – have reached the same conclusion: the Marshalls should really get rid of that dimetrodon. Their hope is that in doing so, the Marshalls will themselves be killed as well. Stupid Sleestaks. That plan never works.

Jack and Will’s resolve to drive the monster away is weakened when the beast swipes Will with its tail. Apparently it has poisonous spikes, because Will goes down and falls ill quickly. The Library of Skulls knows this and tells the Sleestaks, who come up with a plan to fool the Marshalls. Enik visits the family and tells them that he can cure Will, but only if the Marshalls get rid of the fire-breather by nightfall.

The rest of the episode is Will’s trying to stay awake back at the temple while Jack, Holly, and Cha-Ka figure out how to trap Torchie (as they’re now calling him) in a box canyon. Jack lures the monster there with its favorite meal, coal, while Holly and Cha-Ka build a giant mirror at the canyon’s entrance. When Torchie arrives, he attacks his own reflection and enters the canyon. The Marshalls cause a landslide that seals the entrance and traps the beast.

When they return to the temple, Enik’s waiting for them. The cure, he says, is to lie still and let the poison work its way back out of the body; exactly what Will’s already been doing. It’s a funny scene actually. Jack mocks Enik’s accent at one point and when he gets annoyed about being tricked, Enik just shrugs and leaves. He can’t smile with his mouth, but it’s in his body language. He’s enjoying having fooled the Marshalls into taking care of the menace.

The episode ends with Will’s recovering and singing a song for his family as Torchie escapes the box canyon.


Wings1295 said...

That Enik can be such an ass. ;)

Michael May said...

LOL! Especially this season.


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