Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ben Caldwell continues to be Awesome

I've been a fan of Ben Caldwell's stuff since I discovered it in All-Action Dracula last year. He's also got a love for Wonder Woman that I can relate to. He did the Wonder Woman story for Wednesday Comics and created that cool pitch for a manga-inspired Wonder Woman comic that everyone wishes would become real.

But more than a Ben Caldwell Wonder Woman comic, I'd love to read these creator-owned ideas he's working on for next year. There's a new Dare Detectives book in the works featuring tiki zombies and kissing. Interestingly enough, I like both of those things.

But he also wants to do more manga-type stuff featuring "larger than life superheroines and crazy international intrigue" where "anything could totally happen so you better just smile and go with it." He also drops the phrase, "time-traveling cyber-crocodile jetbike." Publishers, I would like a new Ben Caldwell book every week for at least the next five years. Please get on that.

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