Friday, October 15, 2010

Pass the Comics: The Might of Mysta

Mysta vs. the Hands

Sleestak's got a couple of more Mysta comics up. The first one pits Mysta against her creepiest adversary yet while also developing the comics' world some. As Sleestak points out, mankind is rebuilding its civilization after being wiped out by Mars, the god of War. Naturally Mysta - guardian of all of Earth's culture - is involved in the project, but we also learn that something called the Earth Council has been formed to facilitate the renewal.

Mysta protects the Grimmest Secret of All Time

The Earth Council also appears in this story and we learn that Mysta - either as the Council's appointed agent or as some sort of ruler over the Council - has the power and authority to prevent certain knowledge from being rediscovered by humanity. This leads to tension when a scientist learns how to split the atom and Mysta wants him stopped. Sleestak's right when he points out that Mysta comes across as frighteningly draconian in this story. Which makes her all the more fascinating to read about.


Sleestak said...

Hard to say yet who is really in charge while humanity rebuilds as the political settings are kind of vague. But I'm leaning toward Mysta having access to the Great Big Off Switch and everyone is powerless if she decides to shut something down.

Mysta and the Council, made up of the usual industrialists and politicians, probably begrudgingly tolerate one another via some sort of uneasy truce. The Council is afraid of Mysta and what she can do while Mysta recognizes the need for civilians to rebuild their society even if it is controlled by special interests.

Michael May said...

That's kind of the feeling I get too. I can believe that she'd willingly put herself under the Council's authority, but I can also see her taking herself back out again if she disagreed strongly enough with them about something.

I liked Futura, but Mysta's so surprisingly complex that I love her even more.

Sleestak said...

Crap! Completely mislabeled chapter 8, here is the updated link:

And thanks for the exposure!


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