Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Show: It's a Kind of Magic

Aquaman in High Speed

By Leo Matsuda.


Artist Unknown [Never Sea Land]

Baroque Battle Bug

By Sam Nielson. [Avalanche Software Art Blog]

Man-monsters, space girls, heroes in fishnets, Johnny Quest fights robots, and the coolest Fantastic Four line-up ever after the break.

Johnny Quest

By Andy Kuhn. [ComicTwart]

By Francesco Francavilla. [ComicTwart]

Black Canary

By Cliff Chiang.


By Jean-Léon Huens. [Frankensteinia]


By Craig Wilson. [Art Jumble]


By Garrie Gastonny.

Saturn Girl

By Jim Lee.

The New Fantastic Four

How great would that be? That's Robert E Howard's Belit, Queen of the Black Coast in back, if you were wondering. By Dan McDaid. [ComicTwart]


By Arie Monroe. [Girls Drawing Girls]

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Wings1295 said...

Wow - one post packed with so much awesome!!!

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