Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Elsewhere on the Internets: Some Cool Indie Comics

Before the blog goes quiet for C2E2, here are a couple of more links to some contributions I made to Robot 6's What Are You Reading feature. I've been re-reading Mark Smylie's Artesia series, but I also checked in on some independent comics that I quite liked.

Indigo Blue is a dystopian spy story in which cute, anthropomorphic animals fight for equality in a human world.

And Solomon Azua is a cool space pulp story that reminds me of my favorite things about Star Wars. The same week I read it, I also checked out and dug the third issue of Robot 13. As usual, click those links for more info.

That's it for a while. Stay tuned to Robot 6 for C2E2 reports and pictures. I'll be back here on Monday to start catching up on the last month in adventure news and reviews.

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