Friday, April 30, 2010

The Losers (2010)

As we were walking to the theater last night, I told my brother Dave that I'd be satisfied with The Losers if it was at least as good as an episode of Human Target. I didn't need a completely unique experience; I just needed to be entertained for a couple of hours.

And I was. I would've been considerably more so had the trailers not already shown me so many of the most exciting parts, but that's a different post. The Losers is a fun action movie. It's nothing new or unusual - though there was certainly thought given to its look to make it feel new and unusual - it's pretty much the same as any other action movie about a group of special ops guys (each with his specific area of expertise) going up against the corrupt government official who burned them. It's pretty much The A-Team, is what it is. But if you like The A-Team - and I do - and wouldn't mind a little appetizer before that main course, The Losers will whet that appetite quite nicely.

My biggest complaint about it is that it goes too far over the top at times. Jason Patric does a really nice job making the villain interesting, but the script calls for him to do some pretty ridiculous stuff in the name of showing how evil he is. Which, okay, is fine, I guess, except that he's not consistent with it. He'll shoot a girl in the face for moving the umbrella she's supposed to be holding over his head, but his primary security agent - who's defeated and made to look ridiculous again and again by the Losers - keeps getting let off the hook. It's all very cartoony and unbelievable.

Then again, cartoony and unbelievable can sometimes be good. Like when you use an exploding motorcycle and its rider to take out a jet airplane. That's just cool. Actually, that scene was worth the price of admission by itself. Chris Evans' T-shirts, Óscar Jaenada's hat, and Zoe Saldana's underwear were just added bonuses.

Three out of five finger-guns.

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Unknown said...

hahaha! Chris Evan's T-Shirt!!! I loved it. Hysterical. I actually loved the movie. But the consensus among fanboys and reviewers seems to be that THe Losers is not a bad movie at all. I wonder why people had such low expectations? I was completely satisfied and I'd like to see a sequel.


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