Friday, April 23, 2010

Art Show: Batman's got a gun!

Fish Sub

By Jeremy Vanhoozer.

The Beasts of Tarzan

By Neal Adams. Thanks to the Ballantine Books editions of the Tarzan stories I had as a kid, Adams' version of Tarzan will always be the definitive one for me. In fact, it was probably his covers that made me pick those books up in the first place and turned me into a Tarzan fan. [Illustrateurs has a whole bunch of them.]

Jungle Girl

By J Scott Campbell. [Sent to me in email by a friend who obviously knows me very well]

Batman, She-Hulk, Rogue, and a space girl after the break.


By Fernando Lucas. [Thanks to Brother Calvin for introducing me to Lucas' stuff. You'll be seeing a lot more of it here as I dig through his archives.]


By Allan Anderson. Golden Age Comic Book Stories has a whole gallery of Planet Stories covers, which are always my favorites. Planet Stories did the occasional unconscious-woman/damsel-in-distress cover, but most of their space women are shooting laser guns or stabbing scaly aliens with giant spears.


By Ed Benes. [Pink of the Ink]


By Carlo Pagulayan. [The initials "BA" are for colorist Brad Anderson. Beware of the automatic video ad in that link.]


Siskoid said...

Fish Sub is the new Allicopter.

Rich said...

Hooray for Edgar Rice Burroughs!


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