Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comics News: Infamous Fiends and Timeless Terrors

Polly and the Pirates, Volume 2

I was disappointed when I first learned that Ted Naifeh wouldn't be illustrating the second volume of Polly and the Pirates (due early next year) himself, but I can't stay that way when Robbi Rodriguez' stuff looks so nice. Comic Book Resources has the preview.

Aqua Angst

The Aquaman Shrine has a helpful, aqua-centric review of Brightest Day #0 and... well, it's not so bright.
...this is the perfect moment to scrape off all the sturm und drang that's been dogging Aquaman like so many barnacles over the decades(!), and return the character to the courageous, confident, and almost happy-go-lucky adventurer and protector of the seas that he used to be. I'd hate to see Aquaman be put through all this, brought back to life, only to go right back to being Mr. Mopey again.
Like the Shrine, I understand the need to deal with the Darkness That's Come Before. There are people who've been following the story for a while and want to witness the barnacle-scraping for themselves. Me, I'll be looking forward to when it's all cleaned off.

Colonials, spies (one of them a gorilla), Alpha Flight in Hell, a skull-faced dude, Mulder and Scully go to Barrow, and a man punching skeletons after the break.

Greg Rucka's Colonial Comic

Rucka's not revealing anything about his upcoming project with Rick Burchett except for this image. But since it appears to be set in the Colonial era, that's all I really need to know about it. [Robot 6]

Casanova moves to Marvel

It was only a matter of time, but Matt Fraction's awesome spy series has finally moved to Marvel under their Icon imprint. [Comic Book Resources]

Gorilla Man goes solo

Looks like all of the Agents of Atlas will get their own solo mini-series eventually. It's Gorilla Man's turn next. [Comic Book Resources]

Alpha Flight in Hell

In talking about upcoming stories in his relaunched Wolverine series, writer Jason Aaron mentions that Wolverine will be taking a trip to Hell.
He's going to create a bit of a stir, because over the course of his 100 plus years of life, he's killed a lot of people. A whole lot. So there are going to be a lot of folks in Hell itching to get a piece of him. Logan has lots of dead enemies; from the God knows how many Hand ninjas, Nazis and Hydra agents he's killed over the years, to a few bigger and more recognizable characters. There'll be the characters fans will probably be expecting to see, but also a couple that'll be a bit of a surprise. And it's not just his enemies. He has a few dead allies who'll be showing up as well. Can I go ahead and spoil one? Old-school Alpha Flight fans (of which I am one) might be interested.
[Comic Book Resources]

Doctor Spektor Archives

Dark Horse is collecting the first seven issues of the '70s occult-detective series. I've never read it, but my love for '70s comics married to my love for bearded men punching out skeletons makes this a must-see. [Comic Book Resources]

The X-Files/30 Days of Night crossover

They're not saying yet which - if any - of my favorite 30 Days of Night characters are involved in this story, but I'm way interested. Coming in July. [Comic Book Resources]

Valkyrie in Secret Avengers

It's nice to see Valkyrie getting so much love at Marvel lately. First Her-Oes, then Heralds, and now she's going to be a regular member of Secret Avengers. [Robot 6]

The Abominable [and Collected] Charles Christopher

Book One of the awesome Abominable Charles Christopher webcomic is now available for pre-order. Unfortunately, it's only available in $40-60 limited edition hardcovers right now, but I hope that an affordable one will follow eventually.

The Further Adventures of the Whistling Skull

There aren't a lot of details about B Clay Moore and Tony Harris' "pulpy 1940’s noir, wartime London story" in the works from Wildstorm, but I'm not all that sure how many details we need other than what's in this sentence. [Robot 6]

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Siskoid said...

On Brightest Day...

I'm more concerned about the art. Worst. Captain Boomerang. Ever.

And I think the art is a large part of why I feel so disengaged from the story.


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