Friday, April 23, 2010

Pass the Comics: Eisner Edition

Robot 6 has links to the five webcomics nominated for Eisners this year. The Abominable Charles Christopher is one of them (and also one of my favorite comics - digital or otherwise), but the others I've never read before now.

I still haven't gone through each one completely, but I've read far enough into them to get a feel for the story and whether or not I'll like it. The only one that didn't grab me right away was Power Out, but maybe I didn't give it enough time. Someone let me know if I need to go back and check it out again.

Here are the three new comics I'll be following:


Bayou is the story of a young, Black girl growing up in the South when all it took to ruin your life was looking at a White person the wrong way. Though that period of history is important to wrestle with, the reason I'm talking about Bayou on the Adventureblog is that there's also a fantasy angle with wonderful - and horrifying - creatures living in the swamp. I haven't seen yet how they tie in with the social injustice aspects of the story, but I'm anxious to.

Sin Titulo

Sin Titulo doesn't immediately jump into the action, but it gets going very quickly. It's about a young man who learns that his grandfather has passed away in his care facility. While going through his grandfather's things, he finds a picture of a mysterious girl and becomes obsessed with finding out who she is. Things are complicated though when it becomes apparent that some of the facility's staff know more than what they're telling and are actively trying to prevent the grandson from learning more. It's a captivating mystery.

The Guns of Shadow Valley

The Guns of Shadow Valley is a horror western. That - and that it's nicely drawn - is all I really needed to understand about it to know I wanted to keep going, so I haven't dug too deeply. I plan to though, because it does a nice job of pulling you in.

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