Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Movie News: Blackbeard's daughter and Frankenstein's hottie

Blackbeard's Daughter

Penelope Cruz's role in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has been announced as Blackbeard's daughter. Since she's also a potential love interest for Captain Jack Sparrow and this man is her dad, this should be a blast. [MTV]

A Film with Me in It

I love the premise of this comedy about an unlucky man whose friends and acquaintances keep dying from unbelievable accidents that clearly look like he murdered them. Check out the trailer and see if you don't too.

Don McKay

I'm not sure what it is about the trailer for Don McKay that makes me so interested. I like Thomas Haden Church, but he carries the same, stunned facial expression throughout the entire trailer. I also like Elisabeth Shue, but that's largely out of nostalgia for Adventures in Babysitting. Maybe I'm just in the mood for a steamy thriller about a woman manipulating her former lover into murdering someone in the deep South.

Frankenstein, Captain America, and more Johnny Depp (as a spy this time) after the break.

The Tourist

Details aren't that clear about how much the US remake of Anthony Zimmer will relate to the original, but that's not so important. What's important is that Angelina Jolie will recruit civilian Johnny Depp into some kind of spy operation and that Rufus Sewell and Paul Bettany will somehow be involved. That's one awesome cast. [/Film]


I'm always excited for new updates and interpretations of the Frankenstein story. The only way you could make me more happy to see one would be to cast Liam Neeson as the doctor and Christina Ricci as the Monster. Nicely done, Anchor Bay.

Concerning our new Captain America

The only criticism I've heard about the casting of Chris Evans as Captain America is that some folks have a problem with Cap and Johnny Storm being played by the same person. That this somehow destroys the integrity of the Marvel Movie Universe.

I'm as big a continuity nerd as they come, but those people give the Fantastic Four movies far too much credit by remembering that they existed at all, much less considering them part of the same universe with Iron Man. Evans was the only good part of those movies and far and away the best choice of the various names that kept coming up as potential Caps.

I don't suppose anyone has a problem with Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull though. That's so undeniably awesome that you can prove it with math.

New trailer for The Last Airbender

I'm less interested in a Last Airbender movie (I understand that the cartoon's really good, but I haven't followed it) than I am in seeing M Night Shyamalan direct a big-budget fantasy blockbuster. As a huge fan of his early work (and someone who still defends The Village and Lady in the Water), I'm looking forward to see if he can finally get out from the shadow of The Sixth Sense. There's a new trailer that makes it look like maybe he can.


Carlos Merino said...

Since I know that a Spaniard is in the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean, here are some thoughts I would like to share for the first time with you. (I'm Spanish).

The historic fact is after the arrive of Columbus to America, Spain and Portugal (the top naval countries at that time) owned all those territories of America and islands of the Caribbean sea, according to a law established by the Pope Alexandro VI in 1493.
Spain owned THE MAJORITY OF THE ENTIRE CONTINENT and didn't want to trade with other countries, therefore French first and British later, took what they could by using the piracy. That's how pirates showed up.
I can't help wondering if the whole point of pirates was vandalize the Spanish possessions in the Caribbean why there's no a frikin' Spaniard in the whole saga. Any thoughts?

Unknown said...

I do remember there being some sorts of words of wisdom regarding Spaniards in Princess Bride and that had pirates....

AfterLife looks pretty cool.... Man, there are so many movies I want to watch!

Michael May said...

That's a really good point about the lack of Spaniards in the PotC films so far.
Even though Barbossa's a Spanish name (I think?), Geoffrey Rush obviously isn't playing one.

The Spanish were a constant threat to pirates in the old films from the last century, so it would be cool to see them return. I'd love it if Penelope Cruz's character has that in her background. A Spanish mother perhaps? The historical Blackbeard really got around when it came to collecting wives, so anything's possible.

Michael May said...

Just remembered too that the Fountain of Youth is a huge part of the plot in this next film and Spain plays a vital role in that legend too. Hmm.

Carlos Merino said...

Close, but Barbossa is Portughish. If I remember right, in the third movie there is a gathering of international pirates. Then I was expecting to see any Spanish presence... Only one guy said something in Spanish and he looked Mexican! (Holywood's idea of the whole "hispanic thing", not a surprise).
Blackbeard is a Character that existed historically and he was Turkish. At that time Turkey was one of the worst enemies in the mediterranean see of guess who?... Spain! there you go!
Could they stand along for four movies avoiding the Spaniards in a pirates movie? I can't wait to check that.

Jay said...

That's so undeniably awesome that you can prove it with math.


Also, that fourth Pirates movie is looking more impressive by the minute!


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