Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Comics News: Jurassic Park; Sanford and Shang; Luchadors vs Aliens

Jurassic Park: Redemption

I mentioned this in Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs, but IDW's going to be publishing Jurassic Park comics. The series takes place "thirteen years after the very first Jurassic Park motion picture and finds John Hammond’s grandchildren, Tim and Lex Murphy, as well-to-do young adults. While Lex is working with the UN to continue keeping people off of both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna -- her brother Tim has other ideas about how to get their grandfather’s name back in good standing."

They've got some great artists lined up to do covers too, including Frank Miller, Art Adams, Paul Pope, Bernie Wrightson, and Bill Stout. It'll be written by Bob Schreck and illustrated by Nate Van Dyke.

Best idea for a sitcom ever

Wolkin's House of Chicken Waffles and Comics explains why.

Battle Smash

It's been a while since Viper came out with a new comic. This looks to be worth the wait.

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