Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TV News: Marvel monsters, Star Wars kids, and Natalie Morales

Super Monster Squad

John Rozum's writing an episode of Super Hero Squad that features Dracula, Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night, The Living Mummy, and Brother Voodoo. If the show's not already on your radar, you're missing out.

Star Wars: Galactic Heroes series?

Speaking of shows made from kids' toy versions of popular franchises, rumor has it that George Lucas wants in on that action with another Star Wars cartoon series. If it's anywhere near as fun as Super Hero Squad, I'll be a happy Star Wars fan, but I do wish he'd get working on that live-action drama he promised us. [IESB]

So long, Natalie. See you soon.

This is barely adventure-related, but it's a follow up to an item that was. When it was announced that Marsha Thomason was coming back to White Collar, I wondered if there'd be room for her and Natalie Morales (Middleman) both. Apparently there's not - which makes me sad - but Morales isn't completely out of work. She's scheduled for a series of guest appearances on Parks and Recreation.

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