Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quotes of the Week: Somber Edition

Over the past few days, following the fraudulent Iranian presidential “elections,” the entire world has been witnessing the uprising of the freedom-loving people of Iran against deception, injustice and tyranny of the rulers of the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian people have been demonstrating their outrage against their repressive rulers by the millions and in epic levels throughout Iran. After 30 years of oppressive and despotic rule by the clerics, the great and heroic people of Iran are now determined not to allow their intelligence to be insulted any longer and have decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and are unequivocally calling for an end to the tyrant rule of the clerics in Iran.
--The writers of this petition asking for the United Nations and the rest of the free world to take a stand against the current, oppressive regime in Iran. I hope you'll consider signing it. could find empty patches of concrete everywhere. Wizard’s own booth was deserted all day Friday. Saturday it was empty except for a security guard posted in front of the oddly displayed WATCHMEN covers, and girls who found the mostly vacant booth a fine place to sit down, rest and read comics. It was a fitting metaphor for the fortunes of the Wizard empire — an audience they once actively excluded has now taken over squatter’s rights on their abandoned real estate.
--Heidi MacDonald, reporting on the eerily vindicating atmosphere (my words, not hers) at WizardWorld Philadelphia. (I should probably acknowledge that Dirk Deppey liked the exact same quote enough to pick it for Journalista! the following day.)

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