Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adventuregallery: Vikings on Skis

The Cownt

By Patrick Gleason.

The Yngling

By Kelly Freas. Yes... those are Vikings on skis. This is the single greatest piece of art ever produced.

Your 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Picture of the Day

By Anton Otto Fischer.

Lion Pirate

By Kleston. Found thanks to Brother Calvin. More lion pirates here.

The City in the Sea

By Ed Emshwiller.

The Curse of Neptune's Giant!

By Russ Heath.

Jungle Girl and Monsters

By Jim Steranko.

Three Go Back

If Golden Age Comic Book Stories isn't even sure who did this one, I'm sure not.

"Giant Rat" is a relative term.

By Adam Gustavson. More Mother Goose art at DrawerGeeks.

Night Gundam

Remember that life-size Gundam that Japan made? Told ya it lights up.

Not quite giant

But he sure looks it from that angle. By Boris Dolgov.

Next Stop the Stars

I'm not sure who did this one either, but I want that robot.

Astro Boy's Giant Robot

By the creators of the Astro Boy movie.

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