Tuesday, June 16, 2009

John Carter of Mars movie update

Shooting starts in November. And in Utah, which sounds promising. The desert would make a good setting for the opening, Western-style scene in which Carter is transported away from Earth. It wouldn't make a half-bad Mars either.


Anonymous said...

The great irony here is that it will be difficult to avoid being branded another Star Wars clone. Asimov's Foundation trilogy will face a similar problem, if/when that long-rumored project ever gets off the ground.

But oh how I'd love to see a film that captures the look and feel of the above painting. We now have the technology, but I'm not sure we have that many filmmakers that would actually 'get it'.

Michael May said...

Some of the filmmakers have Pixar connections, so I'm optimistic that at least it's starting from a good place.

And they've already begun trying to head off Star Wars comparisons by saying that they're planning a much more "organic" look to John Carter than Star Wars has. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I'm assuming that it at least has something to do with the way they use CGI.

At any rate, I'm pretty done with Star Wars, so I'm ready for the Next Big Thing. This can only be an improvement on what Lucas is doing.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they will avoid making Barsoom appear as technologically advanced as something like, say, Coruscant? In other words, more like the "dirty future" of the original SW trilogy, and less like the sterile worlds of the prequels.

It will be interesting to see if they keep the original "explanation" for how Carter gets to Mars, or if they'll change it to suit modern audiences.

Along a similar line of thought, I wonder if they they will retain the original cliffhanger ending.

Michael May said...

I certainly hope it looks dirtier and lived-in. John Carter's Mars resembles Robert E. Howard a lot more than it does Isaac Asimov.

As for the cliffhanger, I understand that Disney wants to make a series out of this, so I wouldn't be surprised if they keep it in.

Doc Thompson said...

If this actually works and dosen't wrong like other Burrough to film projects,including many Tarzan films,and is a hit,I'll shit Kryptonite.

Michael May said...

I understand your skepticism, and share it to some degree. I probably shouldn't be getting my hopes up too high, but so far everything I've heard about this thing has been encouraging.


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