Monday, June 22, 2009

Adventurenews: Valkyries and Space Octopi

Northlanders Valkyries

I've been curious about Brian Wood's Viking comic Northlanders for a while now. I've heard mixed reviews, so I've been waiting for something to shove me towards it a little harder. Putting Valkyries in it ought to do the trick.

Guillermo del Toro's Frankenstein: Sequel or Remake?

This conversation Sci Fi Wire had with actor Doug Jones makes me question whether Guillermo del Toro's planned Frankenstein movie is going to be an adventure-sequel after all. Jones says that del Toro's "got a four-picture deal with Universal, so once he's done with The Hobbit, I think the first thing that's up on the docket will be Frankenstein. And reinvention is going to be the name of it, because he's going back to the Mary Shelley book and starting fresh with it."

We can't read too much into that though for a couple of reasons. Though "going back to the Mary Shelley book" sounds an awful lot like "remake" (the interpretation Sci Fi Wire makes) instead of sequel, maybe he's just saying that del Toro's using Shelley as his starting point (as opposed to Universal's other, more famous version).

Of course, even if Jones did mean to imply a remake, he also says that he hasn't even had a real conversation with del Toro yet about Jones' starring in the movie. Jones heard about it on the Internet same as the rest of us. He may have had other conversations with del Toro about the concept for the movie, but for all we know Jones is as in the dark as we are about del Toro's plans.

The Tentacles of Death!

Pappy's got a story about spacemen fighting a half-octopus, half-electric eel. Horrifying!

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Siskoid said...

I've read the first TPB of Northlanders and liked it enough that I'll be getting the next one.

It's no DMZ, I suppose, but I liked it a million percent more than the recent "Viking" published at Image.


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