Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Adventurenews: Dejah Thoris, chère

I'm going to try going back to grouping the news items in a single post every day. It makes it awkward to link back to later if I need to, but it's so much quicker as I'm posting. Feedback is welcome on this.

Primeval cancelled

I'm a little behind on this season, but unless things went crazily downhill fast in the last couple of episodes, I'm disappointed that this show is over. And really hoping they didn't end the season on another cliffhanger.

Another pointless remake

What in the world do they possibly think they can do to improve on the original? Have we learned nothing from Sting?

Meet your new John Carter of Mars

You know, I think this could work. I didn't like the Wolverine movie as a whole, but of the individual pieces that I did like, Tyler Kitsch was among them.

I also liked Lynn Collins as Silverfox (even if I hated her story arc). Guess who's playing Dejah Thoris?

Also announced, Thomas Hayden Church will be in the film too in an undisclosed role.


Siskoid said...

Primeval: They did end on a cliffhanger (I haven't seen Series 3 yet, but I've read) and no it did not go downhill.

"These economic times" cited.

I'm equally sad to have to update my "axed before their time" list, unless another network picks it up (BBC who did finance Walking with... and has success with OTHER Sf shows? SF Network in the States?)

Michael May said...

Dammit. That sucks.

They're talking about making a US movie anyway... I probably shouldn't get my hopes up that rather than reinterpreting the British version for the US they might actually finish the British one.

Jay said...

While I think Lynn Collins is a great actress, I just can't see her as DT. That role should go to someone exotic and all-together (brace for cliche!) alien. There have been half-a-dozen Indian actresses suggested and even a few Italian ones. My gut tells me she has too much of a girl-next-door feel. But then make-up effects can do quite a lot suppose.

Michael May said...

Collins wouldn't have been my casting choice either. While I liked her as Silverfox, Dejah Thoris is an entirely different character. Not necessarily a better character, but certainly a different one.

For one thing, she's far more sensual and - to my memory (from having read only the first book) - submissive. Silverfox, on the other hand, was - at least early in the film, which is the only part I care to remember about her - full of confidence so that she could be an equitable companion for Wolverine.

I'm curious to see how much of my memory of Dejah Thoris makes it into the movie. Will she just be someone for Carter to fall in love with and rescue/possess? Or will she be tougher and more self-secure; more modern?

If they update her to 21st century sensibilities, Collins may do just fine. But even if they keep her as a 19th century ideal, I don't know enough about Collins' other work to know if she can pull it off or not.

None of which addresses your point about exotic features, obviously. I'm not disagreeing with you; it's just that your thoughts started me thinking about my own reservations.

YO said...

GOOD NEWS ABOUT PRIMEVAL!! It´s back in 2011 for two more seasons. We´ll have to wait a year but at lest it´s coming back after the 3rd season cliffhanger finale.


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