Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Essential Kung Fu Movies

I'm having some computer problems again. Basically, they're the same kind I had two months ago that nearly killed me, but I'm determined not to stick the blog on hiatus again. While I deal with it though (and continue trying to meet my other deadlines at the same time) things may be a bit sporadic. I'll still try to get something new up every day (except for yesterday... too late!), but I may have to cut some corners occasionally. I'm very sorry about that.

Today, for instance, I had to make sure I got my Robot 6 column done, so all you get here is this link to The Onion AV Club's rundown of Gateway Kung Fu Movies. It's a really good link though, so quality over quantity, eh?

I've been a Shang Chi fan for long enough that I always figured I'd enjoy a deeper immersion in kung fu flicks, but outside of Bruce Lee wasn't really sure where to start. Problem solved!

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