Saturday, June 06, 2009

Quotes of the Week: Johnny Cash, Zombie Killer

I think the loneliest I ever got was when I put down a gallon container with a half-gallon of water in it and it danced around as it sloshed back and forth and I instantly wondered if there was any way I could put the container down fast enough for me to dance with it for a few seconds.
--As informed and helpful as Tom Spurgeon is about the comics industry, my favorite feature of his blog is always his weekly "First Thought of the Day."

I think another issue that needs to be brought up is that Reverend Sloan is clearly an ageless vampire of some sort.
--Tom Spurgeon, pointing out what everyone's real concern should be about Doonesbury.

Elvis was bigger than any of us. Wasn’t another like him then, and there won’t be one like him ever agian. There was one sorta like him for a while in ‘82, when that Gypsy woman’s curse caused him to rise from the grave, walkin’ the Earth in search of his blue suede shoes, but me, Carl Perkins and a shotgun took care of that.”
--What Johnny Cash's autobiography would've been like if Chris Sims had had anything to say about it.

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