Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buy My Stuff: Lancelot

Hey! I have another book out!

You won't see my name on the Amazon page, but I wrote the intro to this book of illustrated poetry about everyone's favorite home-wrecking knight-in-tarnished-armor. In fact, that's what my intro's about: Lancelot's literary history and my coming to terms with the sleazier aspects of it. I'm no Arthurian scholar, so - though I survey the various written legends - you'll be able to marvel at my lack of understanding about them. Hopefully the heart of the essay is sound anyway.

The rest of the book should be fantastic though. Alex Ness and Guy-Francois Evrard have both written poems about the various facets of Lancelot and the whole thing is gorgeously illustrated by a combination of US and French artists.

You can get a copy either through the link above (which is the same link as on my sidebar under Other Stuff I've Written) or through my store.

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Siskoid said...

Wow, cool! I really have to get into that introduction-writing racket...


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