Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Adventureblog Gallery: Purple Cape, Purple Cape

I only want 2 see U in your purple cape

By Cliff Chiang.

Your 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Picture of the Day

By Alphonse de Neuville.

The Gift of Gab

By Frank Kelly Freas.

Your Marvel Classics Comics Cover of the Day

By Pablo Marcos (maybe).

The Forgotten Planet

By Ed Valigursky.

The 13th Immortal

By Ed Valigursky.

Giant Robot Matacho

By David Ñañez.

Samson Slays the Iron Monster

By Lou Fine.

Future Clothes

I hear quite a bit of complaining about what skimpy clothes women and girls today are wearing. It just hit me though that we really should've known this was coming. Haven't we always known that future female fashions were going to be skimpy?

Princess Leia

By Michelle Gorski.


Maybe it was because I was trying to avoid being confused with that other movie with the same name (although I guess that's no longer a problem). Maybe it was due to residual backlash against Titanic. Maybe it was my natural skepticism towards all the hype about how it's going to change the future of movie-making. Whatever the reason, I've been less than enthusiastic about James Cameron's Avatar.

Until now.

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