Friday, October 01, 2010

31 Things I Love About Halloween: The Weather

I'm hard pressed to choose between Halloween and Christmas as my favorite holiday, so I choose not to choose. There's a lot that I love about both, but every day this month, to count down to the big day I'll feature one thing that I love about Halloween. And if you like the idea of counting down to Halloween, be sure to visit John Rozum's Countdown to Halloween blog, where he links to 160 (and growing) blogs that are all doing the same thing.

Autumn weather isn't unique to Halloween of course, but as soon as I feel that snap in the air, I know Halloween's coming. Maybe it's because I grew up in Florida with unbearable summers, but the relief of Fall has always been something to look forward to. It wakes up the blood and stirs the soul. It's the most romantic time of year: just chilly enough to want to snuggle with your best cuddler on a long walk or next to a campfire, but without being so butt cold that all you want to do is get back inside. It's perfect.
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