Monday, December 15, 2008

Yes, We Clam!

In contrast to Dark Reign's depiction of him, I was going to post about how Marvel's Hercules comic is getting Namor (mostly) right, but I think I wore myself out on the subject for now, so I'll let that sit a bit. Instead, let's touch briefly on Aquaman and then move on to other things.

NPR has officially pronounced the Make Fun of Aquaman Meme dead. I see their point ("It is not remotely fresh; it is fresh's antithesis, its polar opposite, its mortal enemy. It's what steps onto the Enterprise wearing a goatee after a transporter malfunction strands Fresh Himself in the anti-matter universe."), but I sort of have to disagree when this still makes me laugh.

Thanks to Comics All Too Real's Chris for that. (See the last video in this post of mine if you don't get the joke.)

What I find really educational about the NPR article though is their tracking of Aquaman's descent into Universal Joke-Butt. It's interesting reading and I'll leave it for you to discover if you're interested. There's been a lot more Aquaman-bashing than I knew about.

Yeah, it's a cheap gag and I'd love to see DC make him a respectable character again, but it's still funny.


Christian Zamora said...

Having fun at Aquaman will never get old as he's already an icon in pop culture. DC has in its hand a rich character to have fun at but they're not using him in fear.

Aquaman should be recreated according to the view everyone has about him and sales for his books would rise. They've tried over and over to make him serious and it's obvious it won't work. Why try to move away to what he stands for? He's a joke and a good one.

I actually dare DC to have fun with the character and make him a success ;)

Michael May said...

I certainly agree that a lighter tone is called for with Aquaman, but I'd get tired quickly of a series that actively made fun of him or turned him into a dork.

Christian Zamora said...

That's were a good writer such as Peter David or Slott could come in handy.

I know, I know, David already had a shot at him, but the directive was to make him angry/cool/90's. In this time of crisis, Peter David can pull the best of jokes and still keep things interesting.


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