Friday, December 26, 2008

Awesome List: Space Pulp and Wild Things

Gonna kinda ease back into this after a couple of days off. Hope everyone's holidays have been swell so far!

Al Williamson's Flash Gordon

Over at the Perils on Planet X production blog, Christopher Mills has the skinny on a new, complete collection of Al Williamson's Flash Gordon work. Gettin' it.

Perils on Planet X

Mills also has the Eduardo Barreto variant cover for the first issue of his own, highly anticipated (by me, especially) space pulp, Perils on Planet X.

Where the Wild Things Are

/Film links to a long AICN interview with Where the Wild Things Are director Spike Jonze. I love (and this is totally not sarcasm here) how Jonze has to sort of feel his way around in order to describe what he was going for with the film. It's very heartfelt and real, like he - you know - actually has a creative vision and passion for the movie.

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