Friday, December 19, 2008

Black Canary in 1.078 Seconds

After getting Tony Bedard wrong, I'm going to try to wait another issue before forming an opinion about Green Arrow and Black Canary's new writer Andrew Kreisberg. But so far, I'm a little concerned.

Kreisberg's entire first issue takes place in an alley as Green Arrow fires at a punk bad guy (named Dregz... sigh) who has a knife to Black Canary's throat. In that second of time, Green Arrow relives the last few days (catching us up on what's happened since last issue and establishing the new status quo for the series).

I was worried at first that this was going to be all about Green Arrow's having to rescue Black Canary, but thankfully, Kreisberg avoids that. I still don't get how Dregz ever got the drop on Canary in the first place though. She's supposed to be a way better fighter than that and leaving the scene off-panel with an explanation that the bum just "got lucky" is lame. Especially since so much at the end hinges on her not being able to use her fighting skill to stop this guy. Why couldn't she? Why does she have to resort to what she does? We're not told.

I also don't get why she and Green Arrow just walk away at the end, leaving Dregz (presumably unconscious, but we're never shown) in the alley. And I'm not sure how to interpret that last page, but if it's what I think it is, then Black Canary has just used her powers in a completely irresponsible way and caused irreparable harm to an (as far as we know) innocent person. I'm assuming there will be consequences and that that's where Kreisberg's going with the story, but I'm not liking what it says about Canary.

First she's captured by a "lucky" street punk; then she carelessly ruins someone's life and walks off from a crime scene with the criminal free? Something's very wrong here and I hope it's not the writer.

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Anonymous said...

Well, she officially got to do more superheroing that Winick allowed in most of his run.

Pardon the snark; it's aimed at Winick's abysmal run; I assure you. I did wonder the same thing about the end of the issue [honestly, I didn't think about Canary getting caught like that; no idea why] because Canary's always been careful about when to use the scream, so the idea that she would use it without thinking about the people she could be hurting is out of character.

And, speaking of plot holes, how about Winick never explaining how Connor could get kidnapped from a house being watched by both Superman and Batman?


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