Monday, December 29, 2008

Aquaman vs. T-Rex

We Three Ocean Kings

So, I gave this year's DC Holiday Special the ol' flip-through because I wanted to check out the Aquaman story, but didn't want to spend six bucks on it without knowing whether or not it was lame. And it pretty much is.

There's a cool double-page spread of Aquaman using a giant squid to fight a helicopter full of bad guys (you can see it in The Aquaman Shrine's review), but the overall tone of the story is sentimental in a corny way and if there's one thing Aquaman doesn't need right now, it's corny. There's also a trick-ending that left me staring at the final page in disgust, but I was skimming the narrative captions through the story, so maybe I missed something that would've made it more palatable. Judging from these reviews though, I'm guessing that's not the case.


My first reaction at seeing this was to wonder why Aquaman would need it, but after a little thought I suppose that it probably goes faster than he can swim. It's got to be faster than a giant seahorse at any rate. Besides, I agree with The Shrine that it's cool to see Aquaman getting his own action figure and vehicle.

Aquaman (and Hawkman) vs. T-Rex

I'm never really sure how to take Kyle Baker, but this sounds like a joke to me. In a now-deleted blog post, he shared the above art and said:
I'm working on a new Hawkman comic for DC, and decided to try a newer, more fan-friendly style. What do you think? leave a comment!No title for the book yet that I know of. It's not due for another six months. Anyway, enjoy the wallpaper! By the way, just for the fans, I'm making this story the bloodiest and most depressing story ever! Full of realism! HAWKMAN'S WORLD WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER! I've revealed too much. I can say no more.
I'm 98% sure there's not really a new Kyle Baker/Hawkman comic coming, but even if there was one, I'm 100% sure that it wouldn't be bloody and depressing. Still, Aquaman on a giant seahorse fighting a T-Rex. I can quit blogging now.*

*I can, but I won't. Sorry.

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