Monday, December 01, 2008

Now the world is ready for you


Awesome. Photo by Joe Green.

Dressing Up Like Wonder Woman Saved My Marriage!

Really cool short film. About six-and-a-half minutes. Take the time; it's worth it. Guest-starring: Batman.

Animated Wonder Woman DVD details

One of the many places on the Internet that has this information.

Speaking of cartoon Wonder Woman

Did you know that WW first appeared in cartoon version on an episode of The Brady Kids? Neither did I.

Still speaking of cartoon Wonder Woman

Keri Russell - the voice of WW in the upcoming animated feature - talks about whether or not she'd like to play the character in a live-action version. It's only a couple of short quotes, but she talks about the risk of a woman carrying a superhero film by herself, while still sounding interested if the opportunity presented itself.

She's not the first person I'd think of for the part, but I'll watch Keri Russell in anything.

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