Friday, December 19, 2008

Black Canary, Hard-Traveling Heroine

Tony Bedard wins.

In my defense, I said in my review of Birds of Prey #124 that I don't know Bedard's work very well. Because of that though, I didn't give him the benefit of the doubt about some questions I had from reading that issue, and I should have. Turns out he had it all covered.

All that posturing and gloating from Barbara Gordon? Totally faked.

Which also explains why Barbara wanted to close up shop and move, and why she needed her best friend Black Canary around for the next phase of the mission.

So, not that he reads my blog or anything, but I'm sorry, Tony. This issue rules and retroactively makes the last one pretty much rule too.

Barbara and Canary's relationship feels like it did during Gail Simone's time as writer and that's another huge compliment. Also? The plot about the villanious Caretaker's keeping a whole village of people trapped in a basement with a glass ceiling that he can look down through as he controls their destinies is almost as awesome as the sequence in which the Birds break them out.

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Tacitus said...

I totally agree. This issue restored my faith in the book. Everything was perfect.


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