Thursday, December 04, 2008

Peter David on She-Hulk: "I miscalculated their patience."

Illustration by Matteo Discardi.

I haven't commented a lot on Peter David's She-Hulk run here, but for the record, I've enjoyed it. As he explains in this quote Newsarama found: "(She-Hulk had) been through so much between Civil War and World War Hulk that somehow it didn’t seem appropriate (to continue a humorous approach to the series). So I went in a more serious direction to have her rediscover her heroic roots and eventually restore an element of humor to the book."

I liked that a lot. It was different for David and accurate to how She-Hulk had been portrayed in Marvel's big event comics. It was dealing with the repercussions of Civil War in a way that no other comic I was reading did.

Apparently though, not a lot of other people dug it. "I thought the fans would stick around for the journey," David says. "They didn’t. After an issue or two of no jokes, they bailed. Apparently they had no confidence that She-Hulk would eventually rediscover the humor and joy of life. I guess I miscalculated their patience."

That's too bad. The only part of She-Hulk I grew impatient with was the Secret Invasion cross-over it had with X-Factor. Other than that, it's been a great ride and I'm sorry to see it end.

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