Monday, December 22, 2008

Captain Kirk vs. Space Pirates

Captain Kirk and the Flight of the Buccaneer

I don't link to Siskoid's Blog of Awesomeness - I mean, Geekery - enough, so let me take a step towards correcting that. After all, a post about Captain Kirk fighting a bunch of space pirates is pretty much tailor-made for me.

Siskoid recently finished up the daunting task of reviewing every single Star Trek TV episode and movie ever made and is following it with reviews of the comics and books, including that Voodoo one I posted about last Spring. It's Must Read Internet.

New Sinbad movie

In other pirate news, looks like there's a new Sinbad movie in the works. According to SCIFI Wire, "The story centers on Sinbad and his crew, who are marooned off the coast of China and embark on a quest to find the lamp of Aladdin."

The image to the left there is Sinbad, but otherwise has nothing to do with the movie. It's from Pierre Alary's upcoming graphic novel that I'm very impatient about.

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