Thursday, December 18, 2008

Motorcycle Frankenstein vs. Event Fatigue

Event Fatigue. I has it.

I was bored by Secret Invasion, I'm barely mustering interest in Dark Reign, and Final Crisis seems to be going nowhere. The major drive for my reading Final Crisis was to see the redemption of Mary Marvel and now I don't even think that's going to happen in this mini-series. If at all.

The promised fight between Mary and Supergirl finally begins in Final Crisis #5, but our attention is quickly forced elsewhere. Presumably, we'll see the fight continue two months from now (or whenever Final Crisis #6 is finally released). That's if Morrison doesn't go all Millar and Bendis and decide that it happened off-panel. I don't think he will, but my confidence in these things is pretty much done.

Like Secret Invasion, Final Crisis doesn't seem particularly eager to move its story forward. Wonder Woman and Mary Marvel, my two reasons for wanting to read this series are still under the control of Darkseid, right where they've been for the last few issues. Nothing particularly important happens at all, and in a book where the entire draw is the supposed changes its making on the DC Universe, that's pretty sad.

One thing keeps the issue from being a complete waste of paper, ink, and time, but it's a pretty significant thing.

Frankenstein leading the DC heroes into battle on a motorcycle. For that, at least, we can be grateful.


Siskoid said...

I totally agree about event fatigue. I think even the writers of the main event books have it. A byproduct of being handed plot points by editorial, I guess.

Frank on a bike is what I would call "throwing us a bone".

For my money, the real Crisis this year is Trinity.

Michael May said...

Frank on a bike is what I would call "throwing us a bone".

Agreed. And about the writers too.

I'm looking forward to reading Trinity when it's collected. I passed on it as a weekly purchase because I'd been so burned by Countdown, but so far reviews have been very good.


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