Friday, December 05, 2008

Moving Rogue forward?

I like this bishoujo-style statue of Rogue a lot more than the Ame-Comi statues DC's licensing.

Great Goda'mighty, Marvel's actually talking about progressing Rogue's story. Concerning her upcoming reappearance in X-Men comics, writer Mike Carey says:
(Rogue) wants to get her power under control. She wants to do what Professor X has failed to do; what Mystique and Destiny had failed to do; what no one has been able to help her with. She’s working through her problem on her own; she feels like she has to be by herself in order to do it—because of the nature of her powers and the fact that coming into contact with other humans is only going to exacerbate the problem. The other reason why she’s gone back to that one place is of course that that was the place where she finally drove Carol Danvers out of her psyche.

Professor X is looking for her because he wants to make good on that promise he made her all those years ago when she approached the X-Men for help in controlling her abilities. We’ve seen in an earlier arcs how Xavier claimed that he’d eventually help Rogue deal with her problem with her powers. But he was effectively lying because he really had no idea how to help her—and that sort of defines the burden of guilt that he carries. He made a promise in bad faith and now he wants to see if he can finally keep that promise and help Rogue to get out of this impasse.
I'll believe it when I see it, but if it comes to pass, this is MONUMENTAL.


Anonymous said...

OOOOO...I like these statues!

Michael May said...

Something to shop for in Chicago? :)


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