Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Namora meets Wolverine

Namora and the rest of the Agents of Atlas are headed to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for a special, digital-only (or at least digital-first) adventure. CBR has the details.
Wolverine: Agent of Atlas

The jungles of Cuba, 1958: revolutionary forces work their way to overthrowing the government, while even stranger forces are at large. The FBI has sent Jimmy Woo's secret team of paranormals, the Agents of Atlas, to investigate. The crack team gets more than they bargained for when they cross paths with the mysterious operative known only as "Logan!" This three part series debuts with a FREE first issue—available to subscribers and non-subscribers to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!

Written by: Jeff Parker
Art by: Benton Jew
Debuts: Wednesday, December 31 (Issue #1: FREE for all!)
I'm hoping it's eventually collected in book form 'cause it's one I'm going to want to keep.

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