Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And we're back...

I'm home from C2E2. It was an excellent time and you can read all about it at Robot 6 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). I still need to write a report on the Pulp Fiction and Moonstone panels, but I'm saving that for my next Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs column.

Hard to believe that with this convention put to bed, there's less than a month until the next one...

I met a lot of people at C2E2 who are planning to hit SpringCon, so in addition to its usual fun self it'll be like a little reunion. Jess and I are planning to have some new Cownt stickers to give away and hopefully some T-shirts and other merchandise to sell while we're working on the next issue. Looking forward to seeing a lot of you guys there too.
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