Monday, February 15, 2021

AfterLUNCH | Star Trek Trek 1 - First Contact

Rob, his daughter Delaney, Evan, and I begin a journey through the various movies and TV shows of Star Trek, in chronological order. In this first episode, we discuss humanity's introduction to the larger galaxy in First Contact

It's a controversial place to start since it's neither the first adventure of the time travelers who are trying to protect the historic meeting, nor is it the earliest time period that these travelers have visited. So we also discuss other Star Trek movies and TV episodes in which Starfleet crews (and the occasional Ferengi) go back in time.

Download or listen to the episode here.

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Jack Tyler said...

Good day to you, folks, and I hope if finds you well. Lots of thoughts here, so let me organize in chronological order; seems fitting for this episode.

I rarely listen to a two-hour podcast, and it wasn't because of this movie. All I can remember is one of the two main women (Troi or Crusher, don't remember which) introducing the two men, sitting in that chair with her feet propped up, saying, "Will Riker, Zephram Cochrane." Also the scene with the first flight of the warp drive. I didn't even remember that the Borg were in it, so the hanging out was definitely because of you guys.

My Favorites feed said that Nerd Lunch posted two hours before you, so I listened to it there. I thought I would be disappointed without the Nerds on the panel, but you pleasantly surprised me. I enjoyed your detailed discussion, and had about a hundred "oh, yeah!" moments.

In your introductory remarks you spent considerable time on All our Yesterdays where Spock and McCoy travel back to an ice age, but you might have paid more attention to Kirk, who transported first to a 1700s society and is immediately arrested for being a witch as he converses with McCoy who is still in the library:

"He spoke to his spirit, and did call it Bones!"

It was also one of the few instances in which action-hero Kirk has to work things out for himself without having scientific Spock to do the mental gymnastics for him.

But it was a fun ride, nonetheless, and I'll be back for the next installment. Resistance is never futile!

~ Jack


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