Monday, February 22, 2021

AfterLUNCH | After Dinner Lounge, Feb 2021

Evan, Pax, Rob, and I reconvene to talk about what we've been reading, watching, and thinking about. As always with the After Dinner Lounge, the conversation meanders, but topics begin with:
  • Books like Carthage Must be Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Mediterranean Civilization by Richard Miles, Redwall by Brian Jacques, the Horatio Hornblower series by CS Forester, The Tournament by Matthew Reilly, and Storykiller by Kelly Thompson.
  • Comics like The Eternals by Jack Kirby and Marvel's Killraven series.
  • Movies like Mank, the Schwarzenegger Conan series, and Legendary Pictures' Godzilla and Kong MonsterVerse.
  • TV shows like Ted Lasso.
  • And real talk about Heist Stories, Separating Art from Artist, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Truffles.
Download or listen to the episode here.


Zeke said...

An interesting discussion.

1. Per order to watch series in. I'd say for movies/videos you'd want to do published order in just about all cases. Effects change, canon might straightjacket the writing for the "prequels" etc. For books I would say it depends. If you want to follow the characters and story then the chronology order could well work. If you want to follow the development of the author than the published order would be indicated.

2. Varied taste in directors and genres is what makes the discussions more interesting. I have a friend who is a big movie buff, but dislikes Kubrick. I have my theories why. And context is also a really big thing, especially with older films. I think you have been seeing that in watching older westerns (or kaiju) since the time the movie was made often reflects the current culture and mores a great deal.

3. I concur that "separating art from artist" decision is on a case by case basis for the individual to make. Companies have different concerns to look after and thus might follow a different path.

Michael May said...

Thanks, Zeke! I'm realizing that I'm just programmed differently from a lot of people on the publication order vs in-story chronology preference. I'm all about seeing the world and narrative unfold in a linear way and don't mind pushing stylistic or creative differences to the background. I understand why people are interested in the creative process, but that's secondary to me.

You make an excellent point about the decision-making process of companies when it comes to bad behavior on the part of artists they're associated with. They've got their own decisions to make, involving a bunch of different factors that we're not privy to, so I try to cut them plenty of slack, too.


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