Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TV Tuesday: House, Chuck, Grey's Anatomy, and Burn Notice

If you're further behind on TV-watching than I am then a) God bless you, and b) SPOILER WARNINGS
House – “5 to 9”

I never doubted for a second that Cuddy would pull that off, but otherwise, a fun episode. I liked the one that focused on Wilson too, so this was a great follow-up to that.

Chuck – “Chuck vs. the Mask”

Now that I’ve seen the episode, it makes this whole brouhaha look even more ridiculous. Forgetting the fan-entitlement angle, it’s just stupid TV-watching. Do these people really think that Chuck and Sarah aren’t eventually going to end up together? That’s not the only part of the show, but it is a big part. I’m as impatient as the next person to see it happen, but geez… let the people tell their story.

And if we’ve got to see Chuck and Sarah with other people for a while, they could be with much more annoying choices than Brandon Routh and Kristen Kreuk. I’ve always been fond of Kreuk and it’s great to finally watch her without the obnoxious plot-lines Smallville kept giving her. 

Grey's Anatomy – “State of Love and Trust”

I try not to talk about Grey’s Anatomy here, but I just can’t help it sometimes. When it’s doing its thing, there’s nothing better on television.

So, at the risk of sounding like a ‘shipper, I need to talk about Lexie and Sloan for a minute. I wasn’t that invested in them, but I did like them together and it’s annoying that they’ve broken up. Especially since Sloan’s daughter shows up just long enough to drive a wedge between him and Lexie, spark a Private Practice crossover, and then disappear. In the meanwhile, Lexie and Sloan both make mistakes so that even when the daughter leaves they still can’t get back together. I don’t know where it’s headed and I tend to trust the Grey’s writers, but it’s frustrating.

I do like the hint though that Sloan’s loneliness is going to affect Callie and Arizona. First of all, that makes total sense, but more than that, I love those two – especially Arizona – so I’m all for spending more time on them.

Nice moments in this episode with Christina; especially the debrief on her relationship with Burke and how that’s affecting her current relationship with Hunt. That’s what I mean about trusting these writers. The characters may not talk about Burke much, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t make an impact on their lives or that they’re not thinking about him. He mattered. Still matters. And that’s very cool.

But the coolest thing in this episode was Jason Winston George’s showing up as an anesthesiologist. I love that dude. He was one of the best parts of both Eli Stone and Eastwick, so it’s about time he got some time on a show that’s going to be around for a while. I’m hoping they let him stay and become a possible love interest for Bailey. Not that Bailey needs a love interest, but if she’s going to get one – and if it can’t be Taye Diggs – it might as well be Jason Winston George.

Burn Notice – “Noble Causes”

I actually wasn’t looking forward to this one because the client was that annoying drug dealer from the pilot. But damn if it didn’t turn out to be really touching.


Jay said...

I get what you're saying about Chuck, though I think we're just so thrilled the show hasn't lost it's edge that we're willing to let it a little soap opera fly.

Plus, you're right about Kreuk and Routh--they're both...super! ;)

Kelly said...

I am also huge fan of Chuck Episodes. It's best action-comedy show. Acting of its every character is really really superb!!! Their face impressions laugh me till my gut hurts. My father also like to watch this great show. It's really Amazing!!!!!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Where is my Dr. Cuddy - 'Director of Medicine' show? That episode was really great. I can see less House and be just fine.

Michael May said...

As long as they don't cancel House for it, I'd watch Cuddy DM too. :)

Unknown said...

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