Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Movie News: Cold Warrior, Mother, and Atomic Robo

Cold Warrior

I'm going to see Edge of Darkness tomorrow night and I'm really looking forward to seeing Mel Gibson in front of the camera and kicking butt again. There's more coming too. He's just signed on to play a Cold War spy who comes out of retirement to help a young agent fight a Russian terrorist in Shane Black's (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) next movie.


The trailer for this looks really good. The lead actress looks so harmless until her obsession over proving her son's innocence in a murder case leads her to... well, just watch the trailer. Scary.

Atomic Robo: The Cartoon

The world's not ready for this much awesome, but it's coming anyway.


Siskoid said...

Atomic Robo on the big screen? That's insane! Too bad it's only a short. Will lead to a tv series?

In other news, I've tagged you for the new Certified Geek Blog Award. Why? Because you deserve it.

Michael May said...

They're being very quiet about how it's going to be released. I suspect a web release and possibly a DVD, but maybe that's 'cause I think too small.

How cool would it be though if it caught on enough to greenlight a TV series? My head would explode.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Some things like 'Screwed-on-Head" only NEED one DVD to perserve their greatness. I would rather just have ONE than none at all. I feel the same about Atomoic Robo which is some fantastic stuff. Even that 'Cownt/Hellboy Breakfast Horror Stories' will be incredible. Opps..did I put my wishing hat on again?

Michael May said...

Oooh! Where did I put Mignola's phone number?


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