Monday, February 22, 2010

Quotes of the Week: In Which Wonder Woman Becomes a Professional Stripper

Photo by Mayka Mei.

Once a week, some combination of Dan DiDio, Rich Johnston and John Hodgman would try to expose the figurehead for what he is, always to be outfoxed by [DC Entertainment President Diane] Nelson and the [quirkily handsome] actor, who in turn develop a simmering sexual tension that erupts in season three in a special Angouleme episode.
--Tom Spurgeon, simultaneously describing what I wish would've happened when DC announced its new Publisher and creating a TV show that I would watch every week.

He doesn’t realize it would mostly result in stories where Wonder Woman becomes a professional stripper, beats the shit out of some ponies, then retires to bed in a shoebox with Ken lying perfectly still on top of her.
-- Shaenon Garrity, on why writing a Wonder Woman comic around a nine-year-old girl's playtime would be a bad idea.

His writing won a bunch of distinguished awards last year. By day, he works at Whole Foods cutting up pineapple samples. Somehow, this made INTERN feel terribly excited about the world, because she realized that geniuses are lurking everywhere, that there is indeed a kind of Secret Society of geniuses working at everyday jobs, and they are all too friendly and humble to mention that their work was recently featured in the New Yorker when you ask them in which aisle to find the quinoa, but if you look very carefully at their eyes you can sometimes tell...
--The mysterious INTERN, in a wonderful story about meeting one of her favorite, young authors.

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