Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Art Show: Mermaid Party

I don't find a little tasteful nakedness offensive, so I don't usually warn about it, but there's more than usual in today's post. If that makes you uncomfortable, you might want to skip this one.

Deep Water Days

By Richard Rogers [Tons more like it at Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


By Wil Cormier. [Never Sea Land]

Aquaman Hates Cephalopods

You might think that he doesn't, but this collection of covers at Dollar Bin Blues tells a different story. This one's by Butch Guice.


By Travis Hanson.

GI Robot

By Chris Samnee. [Comic Twart]

By Francesco Francavilla. [Comic Twart]

Reed Gunther

Remember that bear-riding cowboy from earlier? Mike Maihack's also a fan.

Youth and Her Glory

By Danni Shinya Luo.

Zatanna Comes to Life

By Stephane Roux.


By Mathieu Reynès.

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