Monday, February 22, 2010

Art Show: The Siren's Call


By Frank Espinosa. Man, I miss Rocketo. [Swing with Shad has four other mermaid comics covers in addition to this one.]

By Dugald Stewart Walker [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

By Kristin Palach.

Island Girl

Also by Kristin Palach.

Lara vs T-Rex

By Otis Frampton.

Rocketeer vs Ornithocheirus

By Tom Fowler.

Rocketeer vs WWI Flying Ace

By Francesco Francavilla.


By Arthur Rackham. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Xena and Gabby

Also by Otis Frampton.

Alice in Wonderland

By Ted Naifeh.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Why does that sweet Alice spend all that time with that pot smoking worm. That guy is always recked out of his skull everytime I see him.

Siskoid said...

Alice as Black Canary?

Michael May said...

Ha! :D

Lan Pitts said...

When I commissioned Ted to do Alice, he gave me a pre-lim that didn't contain any of HIS essence. He turned around and then presented me with this. It wasn't until I got Chris Shields to color it that it all came together:


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