Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art Show: Waaaallttt!

The Black Buccaneer

By Mead Schaeffer. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Lost Island

By Greg Ham.

Centrosaurus brinkmani

By Mark Schultz [Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs]

GI Robot

By Declan Shalvey. [Comic Twart]

Bat Noir

By Andy Kubert. [DC Universe: The Source]


By Kristin Palach. There seems to be a movement lately to proclaim Velma as the hot one, but Linda Cardellini aside, those people are crazy.


By Otis Frampton.

Zatanna and the Demon

By Josh Eddings.

Mary Marvel

By Chris Samnee.

Painter of AHHHHHHH!

Artist Unknown, but Thomas Kinkade should be taking notes. [Brother Cal]

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